Deffated Soyabean Flakes

These are the enzyme inactive soya flakes manufactured by using only highest quality soybean seed as the starting material. These are cleaned twice to remove all foreign material. After cleaning, the beans are conditioned, cracked, de-hulled and rolled into flakes. The flakes are treated to a solvent bath that extracts the oil. After highly efficient extraction, they are desolventised and toasted to obtain required NSI level. The desired consistency of the product is obtained through the Vibro grader.


Protein Min.52%
Fat Content Max 1.0%
Crude Fiber Max 3.5%
Moisture Max 10%
Total Ash --
Sand Silica Max 1.0%
Urease Activity 0.3 Mg N2 at 30c
Physical Form Flackes
Smell & Taste Typically Soya
Total Plate Count 50000
Coliform max.10%
E-coil Absent
Salmonella Absent
Yeast & Moulds Max.100%

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