Toasted Soyabean Grit

Toasted Soy Grits, Full Fat are produced from cleaned, dry whole soybeans. The process utilizes dry milling technology which involves roasting, dehulling and milling into grits (any particle size requested). All the oil has been left in the soybean, to provide the full functional properties of soybeans.

Soy grits are toasted to optimize flavor, nutrition, and water absorption and minimize enzyme activity. Soy grits are especially useful for enhancing the protein and textural qualities of semi-moist formulas, biscuits, and treats.


Protein Min. 52%
Fat Content Max 1.0%
Crude Fiber Max 3.5%
Moisture Max 10%
Total Ash Max 6.5%
Sand Silica Max 1.0%
Urease Activity 0.3 Mg N2 at 30c
Physical Form Grit
Smell & Taste Typically Soya
Total Plate Count --
Coliform --
E-coil --
Salmonella --
Yeast & Moulds --

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